Project Examples

Our projecutilgenxmissionts are typically led by personnel having decades of direct industry experience. Examples of their results include:

  • Valuation and feasibility analysis of billions of dollars in energy-utility businesses and assets.
  • $15.5 million court award for a utility where our expert testified $17.5 million compared to opposing expert’s $4.6 million.
  • Benchmark study demonstrating to regulators utility’s back office costs were at market price resulting in zero cost disallowance.
  • Successful community outreach for hundreds of miles of new transmission facilities leading to regulatory approval.
  • Potential rate impact analysis of a proposed new generation project leading the utility to decide not to co-invest in the project which ultimately had cost overruns.
  • Feasibility study of new-build transmission, generation, or time-of-use pricing alternatives to address a local reliability issue.
  • Developed industry working group on smart grid issues.

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